Group Ulytau in Turkey

This week the group "Ulytau" gave a concert in Antalya. Two hours have shown their performance on live TV channel TRT Turkey, where they joined the historic architectural structure Amphitheatre at the club and on the stage which is located in a beautiful open space. For one thing the guys very well rest on the sea.



Ulytau and Washington festival 2010

On April 14th the «Ulytau» will take part in «Kazakhstan Washington
Festival 2010» and give a concert in Washington D.C.(USA).
«Kazakhstan Washington Festival 2010» will be opened on April 14th in
American Art Museum. The «Ulytau» will present solo program of their
most famous and popular musical compositions.
Festival guests will also be introduced to virtual exhibition of
Shokan Valikhanov, Krym Altynbekov’s reproduction of Kazakhstan
ancient gold, Kazakh national household exhibits and folk artisans’
handicrafts, works of modern Kazakh artist MAKE (Marina Sharipova),
and book production.



The past week for the known Kazakhstan group "ULYTAU" glorifying our culture far outside of the country, became rather historical. The group has given the first concert on the symbolical native land – the sacred earth Ulytau. Now, on April, 7th, 2010 for ever remains in the history of group "ULYTAU" as day when they presented for the first time the creativity and the person on the sacred earth of Kazakhs – Ulytau, the group rejoices whose name here 10 years, from the moment of the formation. For these 10 years that group "ULYTAU" creates on a scene, and not only Kazakhstan, it is the first concert on the sacred earth.


On an exclusive concert, an input on which was free, almost all inhabitants of village have gathered: from aksakals to youth. With not smaller impatience local residents waited also for our fellow countryman of the author of numerous successful projects, the producer of group Kydyrali Bolmanova and its talented companion of a life of Karakat Abildinu. Hardly more than fifteen years has passed since Kydyrali Bolmanov has departed to Almaty, for this rather small space of time he has managed to make much, and the main thing - to be lifted on the top. To make that is possible only selected. He wished to sing – and became one of the best singers of Kazakhstan. Has decided to create group, and there was a well-known trio «ABK» which under its management reaches tops of charts.
Then, to it the idea to think up such that was not earlier has come. The result is available – group "ULYTAU", unique on skill and originality.


Analogues «ULYTAU» are not present either in Kazakhstan, or in the world. «ULYTAU» is a merge of western and east culture where soft sounding of a violin harmoniously intertwines with bewitching motives Kazakh домбры, and the original decision are modern arrangements on the basis of a rock music. Musicians «ULYTAU» execute products of the greatest composers, such as Kurmangazy, Dauletkerej, Tattimbet, N.Tlendiev, Bach, Vivaldi, Paganini, etc. In the creativity «ULYTAU» aspires to underline and inform to listeners all beauty of national compositions, to propagandise in the youth environment game art on домбре and to present to the world greatness of the Kazakh national heritage.

As the chief of collective Kydyrali Bolmanov will inform successes and achievements of group and contract details «ULYTAU» with the European producer company. On court of spectators the clips of group "ULYTAU" which has subdued Europe also have been presented, and not only. Except effective scenes, each clip is interesting in itself.

While musicians «ULYTAU» created on a scene, impressing улытауцев with the present live music of our ancestors in modern arrangement, I managed to set pair of questions to the author and project leader Kydyrali Bolmanovu.

- Kydyrali how you became the successful producer? With what all has begun?

- Predilection to продюсингу in me has woken up in students when I studied in native Zhezkazgan. Already then I had popular enough group on a city territory. We sang to the guitar. And since then in me there lived dream to make something большее. After years I have decided to create a men's team of professional singers. At that point in time it was absolutely new form of giving of songs. The idea was carried out, and on light there was group "АБК". With creation of such command I have got to ten, we became one of the first groups, collecting stadiums. It was our first step in show business. Later I have arrived at idea that it is necessary to create that will wake interest of people to national instruments and folklore, but besides it there should be a new, interesting form of giving. So there was an idea to create group "ULYTAU".

- What now for you the most important thing in work?

- To attach youth to great culture of Kazakhs. That we also do. To music executed «ULYTAU» already were pulled not only our compatriots, after all it is completely not obligatory to be the Kazakh to grow fond of sounds домбры, capable to get into the most concealed corners of human soul. Before us there was an uneasy problem: visually to demonstrate boundless possibilities of the instrument, capable to reproduce not only the Kazakh national products, but also masterpieces of world classics, and the best modern motives. And we have made it, and we continue to do. It would be desirable, that all world was a sign with rich luggage of musical traditions of the Kazakh people.

- What project to you of roads is more than others?

- To me all are expensive my both early, and present projects, all of them are aimed at the certain tendency, each of them – my child.

Obviously, Bolmanov has already proved to all Europe that Kazakhstan is the country where the great music taking sources from rich national traditions is born.


When you hear, how they execute Kazakh кюи any казахстанца without dependence from a nationality is overflowed with pride is our group, our children, our music! You are proud even more, when you understand that has thought up and has realised this project our fellow countryman - Kydyrali Bolmanov. On it it has not stayed. After on a scene one more star – Karakat, his wife has begun to shine. As well as musicians of group "ULYTAU", Karakat Abildina for the first time sang on the sacred earth Ulytau. In end of a concert of Kydyrli and Karakat have sung a duet, having presented fellow countrymen especial pleasure of soul …


After a concert in Ulytau, already on April, 12th group "ULYTAU" has departed on tour in the USA, to Washington. Words of a parting word and бата to musicians were expressed by local aksakals.

P.S.: at an exit from a rural recreation centre of Kydyrli one more surprise – the present racer, - a gift Ulytausky акима waited for Berika Abdygalieva. Sowing on which, Kydyrali is free has jumped on boundless steppes Ulytau … Knowingly in the people speak: «the Love to horses brings up independence and a spirit fortress!». It is obvious about our fellow countryman Bolmanova …

Akerke Abdualieva.

(On April, 16th, 2010)


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