Group Ulytau in Turkey

This week the group "Ulytau" gave a concert in Antalya. Two hours have shown their performance on live TV channel TRT Turkey, where they joined the historic architectural structure Amphitheatre at the club and on the stage which is located in a beautiful open space. For one thing the guys very well rest on the sea.



Ulytau and Washington festival 2010

On April 14th the «Ulytau» will take part in «Kazakhstan Washington
Festival 2010» and give a concert in Washington D.C.(USA).
«Kazakhstan Washington Festival 2010» will be opened on April 14th in
American Art Museum. The «Ulytau» will present solo program of their
most famous and popular musical compositions.
Festival guests will also be introduced to virtual exhibition of
Shokan Valikhanov, Krym Altynbekov’s reproduction of Kazakhstan
ancient gold, Kazakh national household exhibits and folk artisans’
handicrafts, works of modern Kazakh artist MAKE (Marina Sharipova),
and book production.


The Kazakh group ULYTAU together with MANOWAR is prepared for world tour

Group ULYTAU has won back in Moscow the first concert within the limits of tour round American MANOWAR. The Kazakh command has fulfilled almost hour program, pleasantly having surprised all come with rather qualitative performance and having met with worthy approval of numerous admirers of heavy music.

"It was our third performance on one platform with MANOWAR but if before we played frameworks of festivals in the Open-air theatre we should act directly ahead of admirers of these monsters a heavy-metal. Therefore for us reaction of public which, by the way, was more than positive" was especially important.

Command ULYTAU exists since 2001 and in this time has had time to receive not only set of awards, but also to visit with tours practically all over the world. One year ago in destiny of group there was an essential revolution. The founder and the producer of group Kadyrali Bolmanov has arrived to Frankfurt for negotiations with founders of German media holding "iMusic TV" and "iMusic Records" - Dmitry Zakonom, Anarom Rejband and Marko Kvirini. After the return visit to Kazakhstan the contract has been signed, and discussion of the further steps and промо the plan has begun. Has not passed also month from the moment of signing of a contract, and the group has started creation of the European version of a studio album "Two Warriors" which will be issued any day - at first in Germany, and then and in other countries of the world.

"Cooperation with" iMusic Records "became for us very much an important point, - the founder and the producer of group ULYTAU Kadyrali Bolmanov, - after all tells it not only advancement in Europe and in all the world us as musical collective, it, first of all, - advancement of image of our native land. We want, that people have learnt that Kazakhstan is not only steppes and mountains, but also qualitative music, the culture which is marching in step with the present".

This year the collective from Kazakhstan has expanded the international borders of the creativity and has participated in the largest European actions. From July, first till July, fifth, 2009 in Bucharest has passed the third festival "B'ESTFEST" where Kazakh ULYTAU have acted on one scene with such monsters of a world platform as Carlos Santana, Manowar, Franz Ferdinand, Motorhead, Killers, Moby, Holyhell and many other things. There executors were noticed by kings of metal, group MANOWAR. The leader of group Joey DeMaio who is the organizer of one of the largest German rock festivals "Magic Circle Festival", has suggested ULYTAU to participate in a forthcoming concert. As he said the group is the worthy ambassador of republic Kazakhstan in the music world!

At the festival which has taken place on July, 18th near Frankfurt on Main, the many thousands army of fans has gathered. To look and support the compatriots the consul-general of republic Kazakhstan - Bejbut Atamkulov has come also. The Kazakh musicians have stepped on the stage directly ahead of a headliner, group MANOWAR, having caused furore and rough approval of public.

"It were our debuts on so scale actions, - are divided by the emotions ULYTAU. - Even in spite of the fact that in Romania we acted on a level with musicians, it is possible to name whose names really world, spectators accepted us very much and very hotly. The festival in Germany has made upon us not less strong impression, first, in the scales, and secondly, the importance - after all past year in it participated even Alice Cooper, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, and this year we stood on one scene with superstars of fate!"

Now ULYTAU lead active preparation to joint with group MANOWAR to world tour in which they will present the new European album "Two Warriors".

Marina Mukanova
Trend Life


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