Group Ulytau in Turkey

This week the group "Ulytau" gave a concert in Antalya. Two hours have shown their performance on live TV channel TRT Turkey, where they joined the historic architectural structure Amphitheatre at the club and on the stage which is located in a beautiful open space. For one thing the guys very well rest on the sea.



Ulytau and Washington festival 2010

On April 14th the «Ulytau» will take part in «Kazakhstan Washington
Festival 2010» and give a concert in Washington D.C.(USA).
«Kazakhstan Washington Festival 2010» will be opened on April 14th in
American Art Museum. The «Ulytau» will present solo program of their
most famous and popular musical compositions.
Festival guests will also be introduced to virtual exhibition of
Shokan Valikhanov, Krym Altynbekov’s reproduction of Kazakhstan
ancient gold, Kazakh national household exhibits and folk artisans’
handicrafts, works of modern Kazakh artist MAKE (Marina Sharipova),
and book production.



Conquest of tops of Maxim Kichigin


The guitarist, the arranger and the musical producer of group "Ulytau" Max Kichigin has let out the solo guitar album, having presented to its admirers. And though all command led by producer Kadyrali Bolmanovym has come to support the colleague, having won back together as well compositions of "Ulytau", the people have begun to worry: and what is it Max has brought in solo creativity?
Maxim has dispelled all doubts, an album - only activity continuation in group. About it he also admitted interview, having told: “I go forward, to the treasured purpose of group" Ulytau ".

- Maxim, an exit of a tool guitar album - a great occasion. And you in this business, it is possible to tell, in Kazakhstan the pioneer...

- Generally, I not the first. Damask steel Syzdykov from "Mjuzikoly" has let out a guitar album last year. Let out once an album and late nowadays Baghlan Sadvakasov from "A-studio". But that, what is it event for today as a whole rare for Kazakhstan, I agree.

- Tell a little about an album. What you planned to make it, what it has turned out?

- The album has turned out versatile. In him is both heavy fatal, and lyrical compositions, are simply acoustic guitar, there is a jazz fatal composition. There are no certain concrete stylistics. Therefore I also have named it “Behind a side of conventions”.

- Speak, you went seven years to this album, writing down compositions...

- Yes, there were thoughts, did, wrote down. When it was typed enough material, has thought: why not to let out an album?

- You have finished musical school on a bayan class, him play?

- For a long time any more did not take in hands. Has thrown.

- In how much years have taken a great interest in a guitar?

- A guitar I was ill always. I at the uncle had an electroguitar. And I, being small, always looked, took it in hands, tried to play. Then it has shown to me how to execute a song “In a grass the grasshopper” sat. And years at 11-12 when all boys in a court yard played Victor Tsoy, I have understood that I wish to learn to sing its song. Also has started to study.

- Some consider Steve Vaja as only magnificent technician who is not possessing soul in guitar sounding. And after all as a whole so it also is.

- So those who, probably, not heard all speak. Because it has slow things which are considered till now as the standard in the plan душевности. For example, composition For the Love of God. Till now, when to it I listen, it strongly excites me. At it versatile compositions and the albums existing in different frameworks. There are albums which not so are pleasant to me. But I am not limited only to it because there are many talented guitarists. It is a little from one, it is a little from another, from the third... It is necessary to study and take all gradually, to develop the style. Well and in the technician Steve Vaj - God!

- By the way, in the interview he told, how сызмальства spent days and nights with a guitar. What is the time occupies the tool from you?

- There are many guitarists who play on 10 for 12 hours per day. I have days when it would not be desirable to take a guitar in hands at all. But hour two-three in day she should be engaged. However, not always it turns out, especially, when tours, moving.

- On what there is a place in a life, except work in group "Ulytau"?

- As at all people. On usual household problems and personal. With friends to sit too I love.

- Mountain-metallurgical college in native Leninogorsk (nowadays the city of Ridder of the East Kazakhstan area), I have understood that you finished, as many, is simple for the sake of the diploma. When there was a first group?

- The first group was formed at school. Played, of course, not the, but also tried to compose. Then me have invited to Ust Kamenogorsk in a hard rock command "Forrest Gamp". We went on festivals, acted across Kazakhstan, have then arrived to Alma-Ata, then have left to Moscow. Having returned therefrom, I began to work at once in "Ulytau".

- You in a command from the date of the basis. How have got to it?

- We with Kadyrali Bolmanovym each other knew for a long time. Still being participants of group "Forrest Gamp", we did pair of arrangements for АБК - fatal arrangements were necessary to them. Then "Ulytau" yet was not, but at Kadyrali the idea to make pair кюев in rock processing was born. Then we also have begun our experiments. And when I have returned from Moscow, he has offered, that I and further continued to work over this project. So till now also we work together.

- Together you embodied ideas of Kadyrali, together formed style of a team... How firm compositions of "Ulytau" are born?

- Undertakes кюй, arrangement becomes, the violin party is thought out.


- What response for you as for the guitarist is more important, whose estimation?

- Certainly, Tima Palmer (a world famous sound-producer). When there was our disk, there inside on the loose leaf there were its words with a response about me as about the guitarist. I at all did not expect the such.

- What has changed in you since the beginning of work with "Ulytau"?

- There is no saying. Basically, anything as a whole has not changed. Cтали strongly to bother trains and planes. We travel much.

- Where go this time?

- To Shanghai. There at us will be two big concerts.

- Than cooperation with the German labels, partners has ended?

- It yet has not ended. Now some formalities dare in the company management, but all goes, moves on the sly.

- How with the guitar project? It will have continuation?

- As, basically. At leisure, if the idea is born, потихонечку I will write. Years through five-seven the new material then it is possible to let out a plate still will collect. Perhaps and earlier, the life will show.

- It would be desirable where to grow?

- It would be desirable to continue to grow with "Ulytau". We go together to one definite purpose, therefore first of all it is necessary to achieve its realisation.

- What purpose? To subdue the world?

- In general, yes. Time goes, it is impossible to sit. It is necessary to achieve that about us knew, disks were on sale also a head at us did not support our future. That we, at last, have broken a large sum, as they say.

- Much is already made. Feel return?

- We still move to the purpose, but are already close to victory.

- What can tell about perception world public of your collective?

- Public everywhere is identical. Not important - America it, Europe or Asia - Singapore, Japan, China. Everywhere equally well accept. Because our language - music, people all understand it, all in delight.

- Musical cooperation with what musicians was remembered most of all?

- Certainly, tour with group Manowar was remembered. They were superworld stars, legends when we still were small. We have passed with them the big tour which has ended in Moscow, acted on one scene. Only we and they. It is a wide experience and a great honour that they have chosen us. In Moscow - especially. Because across Europe we with them and so have passed, and they and in Belokamennoj have chosen us from all groups, and we with pleasure have taken part in the project. It was, of course, remembered, but words not to pass.

- It would be desirable to go now on any concert of world stars?

- Now there is no time even home to go. One of favourite guitarists - Jim Petruchchi. It works in command Dream Theater - “Theatre of dreams”, one of my favorite bands. On their concert I would like to get.


Maxim Kishigin


The resume “NP”

Maxim Kichigin - the musician, the guitarist, the arranger, the musical producer of group "Ulytau".

On a horoscope - the Maiden.

Favourite colours: green, khaki, the black.

Favourite dishes: lagman, beshbarmak, plov on-uzbekski, manty, okroshka, a borsch.

Hobby: fishing, Russian bath, music, classics of the Soviet cinema. The admirer of creativity of science fiction writer Nika Perumov.

Tim Palmer (world famous sound-producer) about Max Kichigine: “Max masterly owns a guitar, I consider that it continues traditions of such guitarists, as Zach Wilde and Steve Vai”.

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