Group Ulytau in Turkey

This week the group "Ulytau" gave a concert in Antalya. Two hours have shown their performance on live TV channel TRT Turkey, where they joined the historic architectural structure Amphitheatre at the club and on the stage which is located in a beautiful open space. For one thing the guys very well rest on the sea.



Ulytau and Washington festival 2010

On April 14th the «Ulytau» will take part in «Kazakhstan Washington
Festival 2010» and give a concert in Washington D.C.(USA).
«Kazakhstan Washington Festival 2010» will be opened on April 14th in
American Art Museum. The «Ulytau» will present solo program of their
most famous and popular musical compositions.
Festival guests will also be introduced to virtual exhibition of
Shokan Valikhanov, Krym Altynbekov’s reproduction of Kazakhstan
ancient gold, Kazakh national household exhibits and folk artisans’
handicrafts, works of modern Kazakh artist MAKE (Marina Sharipova),
and book production.


I was born in Ust-Kamenogorsk. In 1993 I left high school # 29 and entered to the Music College  to be conductor and chorus master. At this time I took a great interest in rock music, I began listening to all rock bands such as «Metallica», «Manowar», «Megadeath», «Pink Floyd», «Bon Jovi», «Aerosmith» and also jazz-rock: Benson, George Dyk, Joe Simple. In the afternoons I played etudes, sonatas at College, and in the evenings I had to earn on the side playing everything at restaurant.

In 1997 I came to the State East Kazakhstan University, chorus conductor and music teacher, and at the same time I was playing with different groups. We played all kinds of music such as Rock'n'Roll, jazz-rock. Especially I remember “Revit” (most of all they played Rock'n'Roll and blues). We were like real stars; there is something to remember.


My career has begun in group “Ulytau” after leaving for Almaty in 2005. We are not only artists and composers, we are also best friends. If there is a free time, we like to go off (fishing and cooking shashlick) with greatest pleasure. It very good to spend time on open air, nature is great!!! J J J We can not only just relax but also get positive emotion and energy after that you gain great inspiration and new ideas to create.


Horoscope: Twins


Food: Ukraine borsh, vareniki, poultry meat, sushi.


Favourite colour: black, blue


Marital status:  married (I have got a son, Arthur and a daughter, Margaret)


I highly appreciate human’s honesty, respect, optimism and I don’t like such features as treachery, bluff and deceit

Rus Eng Kaz Türkçe (Turkish)