Group Ulytau in Turkey

This week the group "Ulytau" gave a concert in Antalya. Two hours have shown their performance on live TV channel TRT Turkey, where they joined the historic architectural structure Amphitheatre at the club and on the stage which is located in a beautiful open space. For one thing the guys very well rest on the sea.



Ulytau and Washington festival 2010

On April 14th the «Ulytau» will take part in «Kazakhstan Washington
Festival 2010» and give a concert in Washington D.C.(USA).
«Kazakhstan Washington Festival 2010» will be opened on April 14th in
American Art Museum. The «Ulytau» will present solo program of their
most famous and popular musical compositions.
Festival guests will also be introduced to virtual exhibition of
Shokan Valikhanov, Krym Altynbekov’s reproduction of Kazakhstan
ancient gold, Kazakh national household exhibits and folk artisans’
handicrafts, works of modern Kazakh artist MAKE (Marina Sharipova),
and book production.


I was born in Bishkek (Frunze), Kirghstan. In 1998 I left school # 66, which is situated in “Vostok-5” catchment area (block). My uncle bought me toy musical instruments which emitted different sounds. My first drum was also among them. Mum practised with me different musical compositions, and I saw haw my dad played the guitar and I studied with him. 1992 till 1997 I have been learning to ball dancing - and now I am a qualified instructor.

On December, 1996 I began playing the real drums for the first time in my life. I have mastered playing the guitar and keyboard, but I kept my interest to music and I played as amateur; though I tried to create rock-band at school.

In 1998 I attended the Academy of tourism. During study at Academy I sang in chorus. I played as a drummer in plenty number of groups and projects (about 25, there are some of them: «Halligany and РА», "Brother Fidel" and etc … Together with «Halligany and РА» we played brit-pop, ska and we were very popular among young people who loved rock music! Girls cried, and guys sang and danced in a ring and so we gave rise to excitement. We recorded songs which were rotated on radio. But there were also such fans who collected our records, including live-concert, not very good quality.

Since May, 2007 and up until now I am the group member. I had heard about “Ulytau” long before I became as a part of them; I was interested in mixture of styles and also use both national and classical instruments. One day there was a loud telephone call after it I got offer to participate in band “Ulytau”. I couldn’t believe my ears! I was shaken by this! Due to participation in “Ulytau” I met great rock musicians, such as Joy de Mayo and Eric Adams (Manowar), I read about them in magazines in my youth.

Horoscope: Leo
Food: I don’t showing preference to some special food, eating whatever is edible (a variety of food of both plant and animal origin). I like Oriental and European cuisines.
Favourite colour: green, crimson.
Marital status: married (I have got a daughter named Diana.

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